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Mission Statement

It is the mission of  Lummi Nation Early learning Programs, comprised of Birth-to Three, Child Care Center Teen Parent Child Development Program, Early Head Start Home Based and Head Start Programs, to provide services ,support to children ,families and the community. Through partnerships with other community resources we will respectfully identify the needs of children, families and community members while endeavoring to strengthen, educate and empower (each) by providing opportunities to participate in culturally enriched Early Childhood  development and education programs.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dear Parent(s)/ Guardian(s):  We hope this announcement finds you and your families well. It is that time of year again for registration, time flies by quickly. We are accepting registration for Head Start 2011/2012 now.  We hope that a lot of our children will return next year to continue growing and becoming successful in their development and education. We are requesting at this time what your intentions are for the next school year. We ask that you consider your options and inform us whether or not your child (ren) will be returning or attending for the first time. We will send an application to you once we have heard from you. We would also like to support you in any way that we can with your child’s transition into kindergarten whether it is here at Lummi Nation School or at the schools outside the Lummi Nation. Please contact us at your earliest convenience with your intentions. Thank you for your continued support of The Head Start Programs.

Michael Dixon (Family Services Coordinator)
Phone: 360-384-2216
Fax: 360-312-1344

Lummi Head Start/Early Head Start Parent Committee


We at Lummi Nation Early Learning Programs are seeking donations of all sorts for raising funds for our children and parents/guardians to participate in activities in and around Whatcom County. The donations that we receive will be used for raffles and silent auctions to raise $12,000 For the 2011/2012 school year. This year our funds have been used for Parent activities such as Honoring significant women in our childrens lives, materials for the upcoming Junior Parade float, incentives for parents to attend parent committee meetings. We will be honoring significant men in our childrens lives on June 9th at noon. Also if you have any ideas that would be helpful in raising these funds we welcome your input. We would like to thank you in advance for your generous contribution to our Lummi childrens education and development. If you have any questions please call.

Michael Dixon( Family Services Coordinator)
Phone: 360-384-2216
Fax: 360-312-1344