Xwlemi' chosen

Lummi Language - Mission Statement

To Preserve, promote and protect our schelangen, by reaffirmming to our nation, our commitment to the promotion, protection & preservation of our xwlemi' sche'lang'en

Xwlemi'Chosen Director   Qe'li'weset, Ted Solomon
Xwlemi'chosen ekwsale   Pochu wiles, John Ballew
Xwlemi'chosen Schuwat   Smak i'ya', Matt Warbus
Xwlemi'chosen Ekwsale lhixw   Oomagelees, Cynthia Wilson
Xwlemi'Chosen Squal   Shelepst, Lucas Washington
Xwlemi'Chosen Elhchele Squal   Xw-la-leq'w, Doug Bob

We will update regularly and work to include bi-weekly lessons and examples in sentence format.

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Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

Sample 5



Esxwening e sxw etiekeyes - How are you today?

Mealq sen - Forgetful

Tachel sxw ne seeychen - You have arrived my cousin (-younger brother or younger sister or younger Uncle younger than your father)

Tachel sxw ne sheyelh - You have arrived cousin (-but you are a cousin of an elder aunt or elder uncle or older brother/sister)

Tachel swx siam - You arrived