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Lummi Veterans Program - Veterans Office - Stommish

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2295 Lummi View Drive
Bellingham, WA 98226
Phone: (360) 758-9999
Fax: (360) 758-4014

The mission of the Lummi Veterans Program is to provide assistance to veterans, his/her family members, and surviving dependants to identify, access and secure services and benefits from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, as well as State and County services and benefits.

Lummi Veterans Blanket available - Proceeds to Benefit Veterans Post#33 $250.00 each

Veterans Blanket

Lummi Stommish Water Festival
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For thousands of years, the first inhabitants of this area celebrated with song and dance as tribes and local villages gathered in the Spirit of the Potlatch. These are our Ancestral Highways -- these waters of the Puget Sound. Since the late 1800’s the governments of Canada and United States outlawed these gatherings in the hope of destroying the love and spirit of the Potlatch. After WWII, the Lummi's began celebrating the return of our service men and women, “our Warriors.” Stommish has since become the annual gathering of canoe tribes establishing that link amongst our First Nation People of the Pacific Northwest.