Lummi Nation - Elders

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Lummi Senior Program - LSP
2400 Lummi View Drive
Bellingham, WA 98226
Phone: (360) 758-2298
Fax: (360) 758-3515

The Lummi Senior program mission is to promote the delivery of supportive service to cummunity members 55 years and older, including nutritional services, respite care to community caregivers, travel and activities for the elders.

Little Bear Creek
Phone: (360) 758-3500
Fax: (360) 758-3515
Elders Calendar: coming soon

The Lummi Seniors Program’s mission statement is to promote the delivery of supportive services to community members fifty-five years (55) and older, including nutritional services to Lummi community members whom are eligible under the Title VI of the Older American Act of 1965, and respite services to community caregivers also under the Title VI of the Older American Act.


Lummi CEDAR Project
2659 McKenzie Road
Bellingham, WA 98226
Phone: (360) 380-1464
Fax: (866) 878-5014

The Lummi Cedar Project is an organization led by Lummi youth interested in philanthropy and leadership guided by the support of adults and elders. The CEDAR projects goal is to promoting a wellness lifestyle through the revival of traditional values, cultural and spiritual activity. Lummi Culture and Identity, Defining Leadership, Responsibility to Self and Community, Healthy Lifestyles and Healthy Choices, Effective Communication, Conflict Resolution, Identifying Oppression & Prejudice Reduction, Team Building, Building Consensus, Community Building, Collective Power of Youth, Tribal Governance.