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Lummi Records & Archives

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2665 Kwina Road
Bellingham, WA 98226
Phone: (360) 312-2027 Fax: (360) 312-8742
Directions: Click Here (coming soon)

Director: Janice K. Jefferson

To serve the Lummi Nation by preserving and protecting the historical and business records of the Tribe, and to provide records management service to LIBC and the Tribal Community.

  1. To honor and safeguard the interests of the Lummi Nation in accordance with treaty, constitution and Tribal laws
  2. Provide service to LIBC and the Tribal Community.
  3. Preserve the business records of the Tribe.
  4. Preserve our historical records with strict security, confidentiality, privacy, and safety standards.
  5. Be responsible for the legal and proper maintenance and storage of its records.
  6. To classify records according to their sensitivity and informational value for purpose of collection, access, retention, and disposal.
  7. During the year we will service about 247 requests These requests include:
  8. Tribal Business Request
  9. Tribal Community Requests
  10. Photo Collections
  11. Museum Collections
  12. We are designated as a place to store the Tribes Museum Collections until a Tribal Museum is established.
  13. Preservation of Personal Family Collection
    (i.e. photos, records, diaries).